Are you planning a company event,

client conference or any other business event?

The Photoset experience can be adapted to your event.

We offer a variety of solutions for all types of business events – anything from product launches to corporate parties or multi-participant conferences. Our photography sets are equipped with advanced technology, perfect lighting, a talented and experienced staff, and a variety of backgrounds, props and signs designed especially for you. We can set up one or several stations for you or combine different stations. The Photoset offers endless ways to give your brand a chic and trendy vibe and make your event unforgettable. 
Want to send your guests messages and content which match your brand and your event? Our creative team will custom design decorations, signs and concept-matching accessories for you upon request, which guests will be able to pose with at the event. The photos can be developed in black and white or in color, and can even be stamped with a logo. We develop the photos on the spot, on the highest quality photographic paper, using a mobile laboratory. After just a few moments, all the people in the photo will receive the ultimate giveaway: classic, premium quality photos in classy black frames. 



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